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 Medjugorje is "Dung of the Devil" Says Bishop
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Posted - Jun 03 2008 :  3:34:19 PM  Show Profile Send JohnF a Private Message
Here is the original interview in Italian:

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(Below is the interview electronically translated:)

Medjugorje, the indictment of the Bishop-exorcist.

Monsignor Gem:

"The apparitions of the Madonna? All untruth: the clairvoyants lie under inspiration of Satan to enrich themselves economically"

Interview by Gianluca Barrel

SURROUNDED' OF THE VATICAN - A conflict between economical and diabolical interest, with the alleged clairvoyants (in the photograph) and their contributors directly benefiting from the earnings from the pilgrimages. The cash stays in country, and the Malicious one is happy with the discord between the faithful convinced of the truthfulness of the apparitions of Medjugorje and the Church, which has always been skeptical along with the Bishops of Mostar, who call it, 'a large deciet'.

Monsignor Andrea Gem, among the greatest living exorcists, claims: Medjugorje creates rivers of money.

A serious accusation.

Excellence, how do you define Medjugorje?

"And 'an absolutely diabolical phenomenon, around which turn numerous underground interests. The Holy Church, through the mouth of the Bishop of Mostar, already said publically, and officially, that the Madonna never has appeared to Medjugorje and that this production is a work of the Devil".

She talks about 'underground interest' … That?

"I report myself to the 'dung of the Devil', to the money, and to thing, sennò? To all Medjugorje happens in function of the money: pilgrimages, pernottamenti, sold of gadgets. So, abusing the good belief of those poor that bring themselves there thinking to meet the Madonna, the fake clairvoyants have systemized financial, have gotten married and lead a life to little dir well-off. You think, one of them it organizes directly from the America, with an earning economically directed, every year pilgrimage of tens. Here, they they do not seem me actual of the persons caused to lose interest. Or rather, united to who taken the flank to this sensational trick, have obviously all of the material interest of to make believer of to see and to speak with the Virgin Maria".

Monsignor Gem, its is a judgment without appeal?

"It would be able to be otherwise? These persons that assert to be in contact with the Madonna, but that in reality are inspired alone and only from Satan, are creating confusion and commotion between the faithful for interest and absolutely disgraceful advantages. You think, then, to the disobedience that they fed in bosom to the Church: their spiritual leader, a Franciscan frate hunted from the order and suspended to divinis, continues to manage invalid the Sacraments. And numerous priests of all of the world, despite the explicit prohibition of the Holy Seat, do not desist from the organize and from the to participate pilgrimages with destination Medjugorje. And 'a disgrace! Here because I talk about a mixture between personal and diabolical interest: the fake clairvoyants and their assistants pocket money, and the Devil creates discord between the faithful and the Church; the faithful most raged, in fact, do not listen to the Church, that - I repeat it - has sin from the beginning put in guard from the mendacia of the apparitions of Medjugorje".

And if the alleged clairvoyants saw really the Madonna?

"In reality they would see Satan under lied bare. Why Satan has all of the interest to split the Church contrapponendo the two currents of the 'benefit' and of the 'against' Medjugorje. And then, it has been not a novelty: the same San Paolo asserts that the Devil also can appear like Angelo of the Light, and that that is to say can disguise itself. It did it, for example, with Holy Gem Galgani. But on the other side of its disguises, the Malicious one already is intervened and I can ensure yourselves that is inspire he the fake clairvoyants sin from the beginning with the flattery of the easy money".

These clairvoyants not The actual piacciono…

"For charity! You suffice to see like they allow itself: they are disobedient towards the Church, they should have withdrawn themselves to private life and instead continue to propagandize their lies for purposes of profit, doing so the game of the Devil! My thought goes immediately to Holy Bernadette, the clairvoyant of Lourdes: this sweet creature wanted to strip itself of its life and scelse the clothing from Sister to serve the Mister. Instead, the impostors of Medjugorje continue to live comfortably in the world without to demonstrate some type of love né for God, né for the Church".

The supporter of Medjugorje underline that the Holy Seat never has expressed about.

"This is another lie! How did I indicate in priority, the Vatican forbid the pilgrimages aside of priests in that place and already spoke for mouth of two Bishops succedutisi in these years to Mostar, the Monsignors Zanic and Peric, with that I spoke personally and that myself always demonstrated their doubts. See, not even for Fatima and Lourdes happened that the Holy Seat be expressed directly on the apparitions mariane. Why, therefore, it should have done an actual exception in this case? The truth is that when the Bishop of Mostar speaks, the Church of Christ speaks and is at him, that it is expressed with the authority conferitagli from the Vatican, that is necessary give listening. Therefore, the Holy Seat always has expressed with the words of the Bishop of Mostar, emphasizing that Medjugorje is a diabolical deciet. But it a confidence will do them. It will see that between little the Vatican interverrà with something of explosive to unmask a time for all who there is behind this trick".

The same supporter make note that to Medjugorje it is registered every year a record of conversions and miracles…

"And 'a forcing. And then, who it counts these everything conversions? See, if a person be converted, is because has a certain predisposition, because it is known look at inside, because knows receiver the gift of the Spirit. The place in which happens this conversion is of relevant everything. We think about San Paolo: it is converted for road, and then that we should do, to come down all in road and await to to be converted? For how much it pertains the miracles, I will tell them a personal anecdote. I have to to the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompei the miraculous recovery of a person of my family, and yet does not result myself that the Madonna is ever appeared to Pompei. Here, to believe, to to be cured inside and outside, it does not be necessary necessarily that Maria it is made to see".

That You it know, the Holy Father Holy XVI what opinion has of Medjugorje?

"I will limit to underline myself than it was he, as Cardinal Prefect of the Gathering for the Doctrine of the Belief, to send out some official notes unfavorable to Medjugorje, like what forbid to the priests and to the monks of to bring itself in pilgrimage in that land. It make she…".

Instead it says itself that Giovanni Paolo TWO pits convinced some goodness of the apparitions.

"An all legend to experience, I stop staying that the personal opinions such I am and do not represent in some manner a fit magisteriale".

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Edited by - JohnF on Jun 03 2008 4:06:16 PM

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Posted - Jun 03 2008 :  8:13:06 PM  Show Profile Send Stormy a Private Message
Exactly why the Vatican took it away from the control of the Local Bishop.


It came as a complete surprise and we have now confirmed it. It is nearly as if the hand of John Paul II himself is in it.

Or is it simply that Benedict XVI is a bit more mystical than many perceived?

In Europe, the press has reported that the matter of Medjugorje -- the famed apparition site in Bosnia-Hercegovina that was so dear to John Paul -- has shifted directly into the hands of the Vatican.

It is true, we are now told authoritatively.

The apparitions will not be accepted or rejected by local or regional Church officials until they are directed how and when to do so by Rome, officials now report -- in one of the larger development in this case since onset of the apparitions.

"I can confirm it," states Monsignor Mato Zovkic, vicar general of the Sarajevo archdiocese.

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