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Posted - Dec 28 2008 :  04:53:52 AM  Show Profile Send Doc a Private Message
Maybe I have become an old grouch - I have been sick for sometime and confined to home pretty much. I cannot sleep well and am at present awake for over 48 straight hours. Its killing me that I cannot get to church, adoration or any family affairs. You see, I had a bad fall (are there good falls?) banging me head directly on three concrete steps. The next thing I knew was an ambulance showing up. Christmas has been a bust although I did manage to sing to the Baby in the Manger (a large one) and decorate a tree. Some friends came by with some presents and a little chat. It was nice but I do not feel the same. It is frightening at times.

On top of the traumatic fall, I had just gotten over pneumonia after eight or so weeks and by Tuesday of this week, developed some infection (viral or bacterial) simply because some moron came to visit me here to 'cheer me up' and they had a horrible cold which I promptly caught. I am on antibiotics, confinced to my home, shaking from lack of sleep and awaitng the arrival of a nebulizer to help me breath.

Finally, on Christmas morning, a dear friend of many, many years called to tell me his son died in an early morning auto accident. He was 35 and has several small children. At this point I am expecting anything and I mean that and what's more, I do not care. My Catholic faith is still there but with all the nonsense I read, see and here about, it is getting thin, very thin. My lifeline is the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. What follows may be offensive - it is really not intended to be so; it is designed to awaken many if possible to the great deceptions taking place in the church. I can speak first hand (supporting my comments with evidence and substantial documentation if needed) in many cases having been on the clerical inside for over 25 years and wearing a miter for over four. I know what is going on and I do not like all of what I see. Mess with MY Catholic Church and I will respond.

I love EWTN...get that straight. BUT - Does anyone with one neuron left firing actually believe that the EWTN founded by Mother is the same one today? Its more like a Catholic book club hawking books and DVDs and everything else under the sun when all we need is the Catechism of the Catholic Church to be in every home, taught at every grade level one through post-graduate and most especially, as the unifying core text of all seminaries and religious houses.

Catholics are so gullible but they are becoming smarter. Let's take our man Christopher West (the sex Guru) who came out of nowhere (like a presidential candidate we know) and jumped on a proverbial timely bandwagon and is reaping the benefits with the approval of EWTN, church officials and the whole gamut. In light of the scandals, none of the Priests wanted to touch the topic. The Bishops were curled up in the corner of their mansions shaking at the thought of SEX being a topic. John Paul II introduced this nonsense (God bless him) during general audiences.

Back to our man West ... He is NOT the Catholic Church although he is indicative of the major thinking here in America. EWTN touts him like he’s the Pied Piper. One can hardly turn on any number of EWTN’s infamous ‘encore’ shows (ad nauseam) often with people who are dead giving seminars and not see Christopher West. By the way, the Christmas specials were among the worst I have ever seen - Life on the Rock was a total bore. Instead of the formerly lively all-Friar attendance, some off the wall interviews with a couple of the priests (and our man Doug <yikes> Berry, we were subjected to Fr. Mark's monotone vooice adding Nyquil to an already sleep-enducing elixir.

The Arroyo (EWTNs centerfold) - his teeth are toooooo white... World Over spectacular was a copy of the last year with a fiddler, Keely Smith, Aaron Neville complete with his New Orleans voodoo tatoos, and a selection sung in what appeared to be a Catholic Church somewhere (probably New Orleans - the land of fruit and nuts. Arroyo did a couple of duets - not a bad singing voice but his extra white 'grill' is so distracting.

The former Knights of St. Michael (Cousins in Christ) presented their repeat show (I always check the credits and date of production - besides the same snow fell outside the same window), Its always the same show. What's funny about these shows like the Cousins, Dana and the rest is the setting. Everyone's hair is done; there's a fire in the fireplace; the kids are in dress clothes some with bow ties; the gifts look like they were wrapped by Michaelangelo between paintings.

The house is spotless, the furniture pristine and everyone is smiling and laughing. Perhaps my only hope is that when the tape stopped and real life set in on the set that an enormous argument broke out, "You gave me this cheap sweater when I gave you an expensive cologne?" Wait till next year you moron...I'll fix you. Mom's yelling 'dinner's ready and no one pays attention. The kids are crying, there's wrapping paper everwhere, and box lids for days. The place has become a pig pen. Then the door bell rings and its Uncle Harry who has made numerous egg nog stops along the way and is not ready to honor your home with his presence. Your kids prop him up and lead him to the couch. Grandmom moves to the recliner. Now its sounding more normal.

EWTN would do well to put on more Tim Grey and much less DOCTOR Scott Hahn and others. Ralph Martin should be ready to disappear with his outdated Charismatic memories. John Bertolucci folded his tent a while back (actually had it folded for him...) Like Johnny Carson Ralph, hang it up and take Patty Mansfield with you. Great job though.

Michael the Visitor, Martin the Cobbler and a few others were worth the watching but other than them and a few others, Christmas with EWTN and other channels as well, were real snoozers.

By the way, I think EWTN may consider changing its name to the DOCTOR (he likes that title - just watch) DOCTOR Scott Hahn newtork. He does have an excellent site called the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology (one of the best I have seen). Everyone and his brother is selling something, books or DVDs usually, on EWTN when what needs to be ‘touted’ is the Catechism. EWTN even sells Holy Cards - that's pretty tough to follow.

Fr. Groeschel heads up a Catholic College and University evaluation group. He recently reported that only a fraction of colleges calling themselves Catholic were faithful to the Magisterium. The seminaries are no different with a very few exceptions and these have overflowing numbers of seminarians thank God.

We don’t need new programs. We need a solid return to Belief in the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Church herself to fall on her knees and repent before the Lord God Almighty Who brought her into existence handing her keys to Peter. Wishy washy leaders at virtually all levels of ecclesial leadership from the parish to the Vatican (save the Holy Father) are responsible for the present condition of the Church and will indeed answer before the Judgment Seat of God for all their compromises, omissions, and sins of pride. Turning their heads away from issues they would rather not deal with or pretending they will whither on the vine have fueled the nonsense and intensity of the attacks. It provided the manure for fertilizing the already defiled Garden of Eden

With all the problems in the church, clergy, seminaries (the wolves did the inspections by the way so everyone passed), religious life, belief in the Real Presence and all the rest, most of us have a daily battle on our hands simply keeping our own faith left alone defending the Church and trying to get someone to join her. Catholics are bailing out by the millions for Evangelical sects – not just lay people either. There’s a reason…the leadership is archaic, has its head in the sand (especially the Bishops Conference – a whole other joke), A red flag for me was 54% of Catholics voting into office the most pro-choice politician in the US Congress and most wimpy Bishops permitting it beforehand through tacit consent – silent pulpits and chanceries. The Church on the surface is an egg; the shell looks healthy but what is inside is spoiled. Until the egg is cracked, as it has been with the abuse and embezzlement issues, one will not know the poisons that are there.

Very few take the church serious any more including her ‘Cardinals’ sitting around in their fine robes believing because they want to that it is ‘business as usual.’ The remnant of day-in-day-out Catholics, faithful to the Holy Father and the Magisterium, - those who hang in there will form the nucleus of what perhaps will once again arise into the church we all knew at a much earlier time. Pope Benedict himself said early on that such a church would be much smaller.

Read the following to get a clearer insight into the Theology of the Body and its Guru, Christopher West…
NEP News Bulletin

“John Paul II and the ‘Theology of the Body’ – A Study in Modernism” Now Online

December 2008

For immediate release/posting

Please circulate

The controversial Catholic Family News series “John Paul II and the ‘Theology of the Body’ – A Study in Modernism” by Randy Engel is now online at: You must be logged in to see this link.

The 7-part, 81-page study of Pope John Paul II’s ‘Theology of the Body’ was featured in Catholic Family News from May – November 2008. The online edition provides the complete text and footnotes for the series.

Below is an excerpt taken from Part VI – “Christopher West and Co. – The Marketing of the Theology of Sexuality.”

Catholic Family News

October 2008

“John Paul II and the ‘Theology of the Body’ – A Study in Modernism”

By Randy Engel

Part VI

Christopher West and Co. – The Marketing of the Theology of Sexuality

Catholicism A Sensual Religion

Far from eschewing the body, Catholicism is a very physical, sensual—dare I say sexual—religion—much more so than some kinds of piety might wish it to be. Indeed, when the real richness of Catholic ceremonies, symbols, and sacraments is unveiled, it often scandalizes people. For instance, have you ever noticed the symbolism of the blessing of the baptismal waters at the Easter Vigil? As one priest I’ve read about describes it, “Oh, that erotic rite!” Here, at the highlight of the most solemn liturgy of the year, the Easter candle is plunged in and out of the baptismal font as a symbol of Christ impregnating the womb of the Church from which many children will be “born again.” I’m not making this up! In fact, Catholicism sees the whole relationship between God and Man in quasi-sexual terms.(1)

Christopher West “Naked Without Shame: A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body”

Three questions immediately pop into my mind concerning your subtitle and the quote attributed to Christopher West – First, is that a misprint in the subtitle “The Marketing of the Theology of Sexuality”?

No, it is not a misprint. Rather, it is simply an acknowledgement that the so-called “Theology of the Body” of John Paul II is a “Theology of Sexuality.”

Second, do you know the origin of the story about the Easter Vigil candle?

Mr. West does not name his particular source. However, I recognized the story immediately. The first and actually only time I ever saw it in print, before reading the West article, was in Nancy Hennessy Cooney’s vile sex manual for Catholic school children titled Sex Sexuality and You – A Handbook for Growing Christians published in 1980 by the notorious Wm. C. Brown Company of Dubuque, Iowa. (2) According to Cooney:

… During the holiest season of the year, we even celebrate our sexuality. It happens this way. During the Easter vigil, the service opens with the lighting of the Pascal Candle, which symbolizes Jesus passage [sic] from death to life. After all the other candles in Church are lit, the large candle is plunged into the just-blessed baptismal water. This is a symbol of sexual intercourse, and serves to remind us how close Christ (the light) is united with his people in the Church (symbolized by the water). From this union is created a new community of believers. (3)

Third, what are Christopher West’s credentials?

Christopher West, an American and a Conciliar Catholic, is the leading proponent of Theology of the Body world-wide.

His official biographical and promotional materials state that West was born in 1969, and is a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Anthropology in 1992.

One year after his graduation, West says he discovered TOB. He left his day job with a phone company and his night job as a rock musician to pursue a career devoted to the teachings of John Paul II on human sexuality and marriage.

West enrolled at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and in 1997 obtained a Master of Theological Studies, a basic pontifical degree program for students who have completed an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum. That same year he resettled in the Archdiocese of Denver under Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.Cap, where he served as a faculty member on the Archdiocese’s Catechetical School and later became an Instructor on human sexuality and marriage for the Diaconate Formation Program, and Instructor on TOB at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver. In 2001, West formed the GIFT Foundation to promote John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

In 2004, West left the Denver Archdiocese to devote full time to the promotion of TOB. He co-founded the Theology of the Body Institute in his home state of Pennsylvania. Since that time, he has expanded his TOB lecture series throughout the United States and abroad. His books include the Catholic “best-seller” Good News About Sex and Marriage and Theology of the Body for Beginners. (4) He is also a regular on EWTN.

A self-admitted casualty of the “sexual revolution” and post-Conciliar Church morality, West says his childhood was marked by exposure to heavy metal rock, porn and homosexual advances by a male babysitter. His teen and college years were spent in a struggle to establish his sexual identity and resist the sins of the flesh. He won the first battle and lost the second. (5) Looking back over these years, West says the rock n’ roll revolution was born “of the explosion of sexual repression” and “… the often repressive approach of previous generations of Christians (usually silence or, at most, ‘Don’t do it’) is largely responsible for the cultural jettison of the Church’s teaching on sex. …” (6) West says he is now in the business of selling “sexual salvation without condemnation” via John Paul II’s TOB. (7)

When and/or how did you first hear about Christopher West?

Shortly after the publication of my new book The Rite of Sodomy (You must be logged in to see this link.) in the summer of 2006, I was contacted by a Canadian Catholic, Donna O’Connor, who asked if I would examine some of the erroneous teachings of Christopher West on TOB, specifically those related to sodomy. I agreed to look into the matter. She, in turn, kindly provided me with West’s books, his 12 CD set “Naked Without Shame,” and later, the study materials for Theology of the Body for Teens. The fact that TOB was being marketed as the new sex instruction program for Catholic school children was of special interest to me as my first two books, Sex Education – The Final Plague and The McHugh Chronicles were written in opposition to classroom sex instruction. (8)

Was this the first time you heard about the Theology of the Body?

Amazingly, yes. And the first time I had heard or read about Mr. West. It didn’t take me long to figure out that my Canadian friend was really on to something, although, at the time, I seriously underestimated how complicated the whole subject was.

I started my investigation by reading both editions of Christopher West’s Good News About Sex & Marriage – Answers to Your Honest Questions About Catholic Teachings which is copyrighted by the author and the Archdiocese of Denver. Both the 2000 and the 2004 editions bear the Nihil obstat of Rev. Gerard Beigel, S.T.D., Censor Librorum, and the Imprimatur of Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Archdiocese of Denver, indicating that the book is free from doctrinal or moral error. (9)

And was this the case?

No, it was not. There was, if fact, one particularly serious moral error in the text regarding the act of sodomy.

In Chapter Five, crudely titled “‘I DO”-ing It,” in response to a question on the morality of anal sex for married couples, West states “There’s nothing inherently wrong with anal penetration as foreplay to normal intercourse.” (10) This is a false teaching.

The Catholic Church has always defined sodomy as anal penetration, with or without ejaculation. (11) The act of sodomy, whether carried by homosexuals or by spouses, is intrinsically evil and a perversion. (12) A married couple who engages in anal penetration and then goes on to normal coitus has engaged in two separate acts - the first, sodomy, is a grave sin, whether or not ejaculation has occurred. Further, the physiology of anal copulation is such that it would be most difficult to prevent ejaculation.

Was this error corrected in the revised edition?

No, although the text was reworded. After pointing out that anal penetration is unsanitary and unaesthetic, West asserts:

Perhaps in some abstract, objective sense, there is nothing to condemn mere penetration of the anus as absolutely and in every case immoral. But subjectively speaking… it is very difficult to justify anal penetration as a loving act of foreplay to the marital embrace. It is an act that seems to stem much more from the disorder of lust than from a genuine desire to symbolize and renew the marriage commitment. (13)

There are many other troubling aspects to West’s book, as well as his lecture series and tapes on TOB, including his sophomoric and often vulgar asides, but this particular error is among the more serious…. (continued)

Want to read the whole series? Go to You must be logged in to see this link.


Randy Engel
New Engel Publishing
Box 356, Export, PA 15632
You must be logged in to see this link.

Jesus, I Trust in You.

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