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 Mystical Experiences
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Mary's Servant

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Posted - Dec 25 2007 :  11:36:53 PM  Show Profile Send RayL a Private Message
Has anyone here had a mystical experience? After confession one day, while I was praying all alone in Church, I suddenly smelled the very strong scent of roses, for about a second or two. I immediately jerked around, thinking that a woman with strong perfume had just sat down by me, but there was no one. Then, the scent just went away.

I've had several others, but that one always stands out in my mind.

No Mary, no Jesus. Know Mary, know Jesus.

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Posted - Dec 28 2007 :  10:54:19 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message

Yes. I have had a few inexplicable things happen during the course of my Christian life. I'd call most of them 'mystical' but some might not see them that way. Bill and I both experienced the strong roses-scent once when we were praying together before we were married.

My own conversion was quite mystical in that - well - here, this is what happened (Old Time c-pers will be bored reading it again, though. You're all excused to the next post!)

When I was growing up, I couldn't say my family was even nominally Catholic. Maybe a Christmas or Easter Mass, but that's it. My religious education began when I was in the 4th grade, and only, Mom said, so I could be married in a Church if I wanted when I grew up. No one ever thought it would 'stick'!

Dad was a rampant alcoholic, my mother a very unhappy and bitter woman (they did patch that all up 'way down the road) and I was not a particularly wanted child (Yeah, it would be very safe to say that if it had been a few years later, I would have been aborted, Mom would not have said a word to anyone & my folks would not have married) So as a teenager, I was a very depressed and often suicidal kid. Skinny, scrawny, goofy, only one person I counted as a friend.

That friend, Cindy, had been my only friend from the second grade. At the point of my conversion, we were 15. She had a very unhappy home life, too, but for vastly different reasons. We made quite a pair. She had to go on retreat with our parish youth group, and absolutely did not want to go. She asked me if I would go, too (and her parents would foot the bill) so she would not be by herself with all 'those wierdos' (the CCD teachers and the "Children of Yahweh" retreat staff for youth that were hired to do the retreat.)

We went to a place called "Jumonville", which is in a great area of Southwestern Pennsylvania - Fort Necessity National battlefield (George Washington vs the French & Indians) is nearby, and so are the Laurel Caverns, but this is where I was: You must be logged in to see this link. It is a former Methodist missionary training center, but is now a summer camp & resort. Its a very beautiful, out of the way place.

The Cross in the pictures is almost 70 feet high set on the on of the highest points in that area, and can be seen for 50 miles (spectacular view from up there!). At the time I was there, brilliant white lights shone on it at night, making it glow, so it can be seen quite well at night too.

The "Children Of Yahweh" Catholic group no longer exists (at least, I don't think so), but it was made up of many people in their 20's and early 30's one of whom is now known as Pilgrim George Walter(You must be logged in to see this link. a little too much detail about George's life, but a good article about him)
The cards were stacked seriously against my staying a depressed and suicidal agnostic/atheist/pagan (didn't know what I was from day to day) teen. George prayed over me against my wishes -he didn't ask -he just did it. I'll never be able to thank him enough, although at the time I thought he was a committable lunatic. The "COY" were sent home after the first few retreat sessions because they were so on fire for the Lord that they scared the daylights out of us teens.

That Friday evening, the CCD teachers took the lot of us on a night hike up to The Cross. At the top, I saw a girl, with a very bad reputation, crying with such joy her face haunted me. I asked a teacher about it and I was told "She's encountered the love of Jesus." and I thought "Oh right. Not THAT chick - SHE'S NO SAINT!" Hmpf! So much I knew!

But her face bothered me so much, so violently in my heart, that while girls sat around the dorm (passing around a small bottle of peppermint schnapps) saying "Whoooose the Boogie-God going to get next!" I couldn't laugh. I wanted it to be me! Her joyful face just wouldn't leave me. Whatever she had I wanted it too. When it was time for lights-out, I prayed into the dark, "Lord, if you are real, and this isn't a joke, meet me up at the Cross in the morning. This is your one and only chance, so you better be there!"

The next morning (about 4 hours later) I was snapped wide awake and felt as if I had a rope around my middle and was being pulled to the Cross. I dressed quickly and went into the teacher's rooms and begged one of the teachers (an old friend of my folks) to get up and come with me to the Cross. We weren't allowed up there alone. Well, Mac was nice enough to get up and follow, but I quickly outpaced him. It had been a freezing rain, and everything was crusted in ice, including the rather steep paved path to the Cross. I slipped and slid all the way up. As I crested the hill, the fog around the cross was so thick the Cross was barely visible, just a grey form in the grey fog. I yelled out, "OK LORD ITS NOW OR NEVER!" meaning it with all my heart. The fog conformed, and became a HUGE Jesus hanging on that huge cross. I began to weep - what else could I do? God proved to me, little heathen that I am, that He was real, and He loved me enough to prove it. Wave after wave of real, palpable, burning firey love poured into my heart. Every time my heart beat, the heat spread outward until my whole body burned.

A sad and depressed child died up there, and I came down all new.

I've never been the same.

The depressed child, my parents could understand. This new one, they didn't like very much. That's OK. Dad likes me well enough now! (and my Mom is now deceased, and we made our peace before she got sick.) They tried to explain it all away; I was sleep deprived, I was hallucinating, I was seeing what I wanted to see, etc. But it was real. I know what I saw, although no one else saw it (no one else was there - Mac was still sliding along up the pathway!)

Soon after, my friend Cindy told me she didn't want to be my friend any more, but we've since patched it up when we were in our early 20's and have been fast friends ever since.

There have been other things that have happened; angelic incidents such as that one that saved my eldest from fire, and things during Holy Communion or at Adoration when I've needed God's strength, funny turns of the pages of Scripture when I needed particular wisdom, things being given to us when we were in dire need and only God knew about the need - there have been so many wonderful and mystical things that many would just call 'coincidences' or my imagination. I know better, though.

But that first in Jumonville was the most powerful and the most life changing. I can't call it anything BUT mystical.

In the Sacred & Immaculate Hearts - shana

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"There is no triumph without loss, no victory without sacrifice, no freedom without suffering." -- JRR Tolkien

"Ours is an age of improved means to deteriorated ends." -JRR Tolkien
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Mary's Servant

United Kingdom
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Posted - Dec 29 2007 :  05:38:35 AM  Show Profile Send stevhep a Private Message
I don't know how one defines a mystical experience. I had an enormously powerful sense of the presence of God when I visited the shrine of St Bernadette in September 2007, does that count?

Before all things and above all things,
care must be taken of the sick,
so that they will be served as if they were Christ in person;
for He Himself said, "I was sick, and you visited Me" and, "What you did for one of these least ones, you did for Me"

St Benedict
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Mary's Servant

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Posted - Jan 01 2008 :  03:36:48 AM  Show Profile Send Tee a Private Message
I've had a few both before and after my conversion and at various times in my life while searching for Jesus. I know becuase of them that he reaches us in whatever way it will take. I can sooo relate to Shana, as I gave God the now or never speech myself and he delivered, despite my colorful wording. He has come to me in dreams, I've seen golden fogs during mass, sometimes so thick I can barely make out the priest. I've seen the same type of glows around priests or people as they spoke of God or were doing his work. I have been in the sorrowful mystery while Mary pointed out after each of his steps that he did this for me. Then again there have been times when I've been so down I thought I'de never get up again just to see something so small that just speaks volumes to me about God's love. I call them God's kisses. I've seen and done things I belived made me unforgivable, I believe he simply loves us enough to reach us in whatever ways we are open. In my pentacostal days I was slain in the spirit and spoke in tongues. Been there done that, know it's real at least some of the time. I have had a couple of healings and I've also smelled roses during prayer. It could very well be just my subconsious working while I sleep. I honestly don't know. I have talked with a priest and a deacon about all this to make sure I wasn't going nuts, and was assured by both that I wasn't. The priest having gone through my annulment with me I think would know, so I'm pretty sure that while I can be crazy, I'm not really crazy. LOL

Hope that helps.

"they must seek to fulfill their daily duties, that is as mothers and wives in an exemplary manner of holiness by pursuing the contemplative life in their homes..." ~ 3rd basic tenet of Apostolate of Holy Motherhood
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Mary's Servant

United Kingdom
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Posted - Jan 02 2008 :  11:47:14 AM  Show Profile Send shellcake a Private Message
Shana-that was a beautiful story.

I have had some 'mystical experiences' I guess-the strong awareness of the Real Presence was one. I don't have that now and have to rely on faith, but I do remember it.
The other one was vague but real to me; I 'saw' (if that's the right word) two huge angels on either side of the altar at church during the Consecration one Sunday. They were both bent over so their foreheads touched the altar and their hands were joined in prayer. They had massive wings that arched up and made a canopy over the altar and where father was standing saying the words of consecration.
It was only a moment and maybe I imagined it-but it has stayed with me.

Succisa virescit
"Die Cafeteria ist geschlossen."- But the Wedding Banquet is OPEN - come and eat your greens there are full of B-16. (a shellism)
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Mary's Servant

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Posted - May 19 2008 :  7:45:44 PM  Show Profile Send RayL a Private Message
Here are a few other strange things...

When I was working at the Johnson Space Center back in the 1970's, I was sitting at my desk when the janitor came in to empty the trashcan. He leaned over to pick it up, and then slowly turned his head to look at me. Then, he started growling at me. This went on for what seemed to be an eternity, but was probably only 2 or 3 minutes. I just stared back at him, not moving, so as not to provoke him in any way. His eyes looked really strange, not to mention the bared teeth. Then, as if nothing happened, he turned back to the trash, emptied it, and then calmly left the room. Freaked me out, big time....
A year and a half ago, I lost my checkbook. Couldn't find it anywhere. It just disappeared. Anyway, I was watching EWTN one day, and they were talking about asking your Guardian Angel to help you find lost objects. So I did. I prayed to my Guardian Angel to help me to find my checkbook. Since I hate to lose stuff, especially something as important as my checkbook, it was really bugging me. So that same day, I dropped my daughter off at a friend's house, and then went and parked underneath a shade tree to read a book. I had a dollar on the dashboard that blew under the passenger seat. When I reached down to get the dollar, guess what I found all scrunched up underneath the passenger seat - MY CHECKBOOK. It had falled down the crack between the console and the bucket seat, and had gotten jammed underneath the slide mechanism for the seat adjustment. When I pulled it up, I sat there in stunned amazement for about 5 minutes, and then started laughing for another 5. Prayers really are answered!

No Mary, no Jesus. Know Mary, know Jesus.
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