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Posted - Oct 23 2008 :  4:15:48 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message

The Warning, preceding the Miracle, will be like two stars colliding. It will cause great fear and will make us reflect within ourselves the consequences of our own personal sins.

The Future Holy Thursday

“As to the Miracle itself, the Blessed Virgin of Mt. Carmel told me about it, and to me alone. She prohibited me to tell its content. I cannot also tell the date if only eight days before. But, yes, I may tell that it will coincide with an event of/in the Church and with the Feastday of a saint martyr of the Eucharist, that it will occur at 8:30 at night of a THURSDAY.” (Conchita, Excerpt of the Note she sent to Sanchez Ventura.)

I deem it important for readers to know a good number of facts which might convince them that the prophesied Thursday would be a future HOLY THURSDAY. Thus correcting what I said in Book I, I proceed to present on very solid grounds a more explicit reasoning of what was leading to that interpretation and events that would surround it:

The timely prophetic revelation to Conchita alone of a future Thursday: numerous original documents did mention it very explicitly;

At 8:30 pm (Garabandal time) was revealed to Conchita, Mari-Loli and Jacinta: that circumstance of time, though apparently of no great significance, will prove to be exceptionally relevant, should the day of the Miracle be a Holy Thursday;

Conchita’s ignorance as to which Thursday, liturgically speaking, was to be the future day of the Miracle. Later,she said to Mrs. Herrero de Gallardo that it won’t be any of
the three great Thursdays of the liturgical year. She conjectured this after having looked in the liturgical Calendar she had been given … in 1963.

Conchita being ordered by the Blessed Virgin to go early to the calleja, during the Holy
Week of 1962, to pray the Rosary (cf. also the remarkable story of Mrs Mercedes
Salisachs of Barcelona, during the Sacred Triduum of the same Holy Week).

The untold and unwritten story about the famous“milagrucu”: let me mention at least the most significant and relevant circumstances. St Michael the Archangel told Conchita about it in response to a request for a ‘miracle’ to make people believe in the authenticity of the ecstasies. That response was to occur on 19 July 1962, ie on a Thursday. Furthermore, the very day of St. Michael’s announcement, 22 June 1962,
was the major Feastday of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Spain, then also the very day after the great Feast of Corpus Christi, a Thursday itself.

On the day of the great Miracle, a Thursday, another major event, the great cclesiastical event will occur, following the pattern of their own gradual revelation, ie 1 October 1961 and 18 October 1961. It gives priority in importance of the first great event (the great ecclesiastical event) over the second.

Conchita searched personally to find a liturgical clue about the future day of the Miracle. She gave some significant hints to individuals and the following one should be revealed. After reading a liturgical calendar for 1963, she read the corresponding date of the day of the Miracle (except for the year which she already knew it would happen), the name and some concise note of a saint martyr of the Eucharist. She would eventually say that he was not Spanish, was 22 years old when martyred, and that his Feastday was not celebrated in 1963, because it then occurred during Holy Week.

As to the nature of the future Miracle (the greatest ever by Our Lord), Conchita partially lifted the veil. In August 1963, she revealed to Carmen Cavestany and Dr. Jean Caux: “we will see in the sky 12 stars.” As this will also be the day of ‘the great ecclesiastical event’, this information could hardly be something else than a relevant clue as to a future Holy Thursday.

After Conchita herself announces the date of the Miracle, eight days before it is to occur, a mysterious event is to happen the very next day. Some kind of ecclesiastical caution might follow Conchita’s announcement, especially as that would have been preceded by an important announcement by Pope John Paul II to preside and celebrate the long desired Unity of all Christians.

Pope John Paul II, the very last Pope, has made significant contributions, since the very
beginning of his extraordinary pontificate, to the search-work for the Unity of all Christians. A Synod will be held before the future events (the difficult period of the pre-Warning, the Warning itself and the great events of the day of the Miracle). This new information, which I first presented in Book I (Conclusion) and was precised by Mother Maria G. Nieves in Madrid, might become a major clue to the year of the future
Miracle. At least, consider the next General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome
(October 2004). Its theme, Collegiality, will consider the nature and exercise of the Primacy of the Successor of St Peter (John Paul II).

The future great Thursday hinted at prophetically… at Lourdes and Fatima. At Lourdes, all the main events of this first great Marian apparition took place on a Thursday. At Fatima, the great apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary on 13 June 1929
at Tuy, Spain, to Sister Lucia was … on a Thursday, a day when it could be celebrated in certain countries, the Feastday of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, the very day also when the Blessed Virgin finally came to ask, from God, the Consecration…, and promise, etc. We might at least meditate on such insistence from Above on such a day.

Padre Luis Andreu, S.J. and the day of the future Miracle: a most remarkable clue. Thanks to Fr Ramon Andreu, S.J. who in 1966 was preparing the publication, and his own notes, of Conchita’s Diary and was personally convinced what Garabandal would have to do with a future Good Friday. It has been prophesied that the body of his brother, Fr. Luis, will be found wholly incorrupt on the day after the Miracle. The day
of the Miracle might therefore be a Holy Thursday, as Fr Turner, O.P., and myself, independently of Fr. Ramon, had already deduced.

Consider some contemporary saintly personalities (mystics, martyrs, etc.) and a future great Holy Thursday as the liturgical moment/time of the perfect Unity of the Church… Briefly, some of these spiritual figures are:

a) St Faustina Kowalska: suffice it, for the moment, to mention the profound vision she had, at the end of August of Year 36, of the Last Supper or First Holy Thursday (Year 30);

b) The Servant of God, Teresa Neumann (d.1963) and about 700 visions she had of the First Holy Thursday of Year 30;

c) Blessed (1991) Dina Bélanger (d.1929): Inparticular, her vision on Holy Thursday, 14 April 1927, where Our Lord explained to her the deep meaning of the most frequently quoted text of St. John’s Gospel (Jn 17:21) on the future Unity of His
Church; and

d) Blessed (1999) Conchita Cabrera de Armida (d.1937), Blessed (1983) Maria Gabriella Sagheddu (d.1939), Blessed (2000) Maria Elisabeth Hesselblad (d.1957) and so many other saintly contemporary figures, all linked, at least to a certain extent, with the Holy Thursday and the future Perfect Unity of All Christians.

Biblical, liturgical, doctrinal, theological and ecumenical basis of a future and unique Holy Thursday: How could I summarize here the numerous data flowing from different sources, all linked in their common reference to the greatest prophetic revelation (Jn XVIII) concerning the future Unity of all Christians: the sublime prayer-demand of Christ Himself to His Father during the First Holy Thursday (of Year 30), a prayer that He knew would be eventually and necessarily granted (cf. Jn 11:41-42)? Impossible, in effect, although one must at least remember the exceptional multi-fold relation of
Garabandal with Vatican II, one of the major aims of the Council being precisely the restoration-recomposition of the perfect Unity of all Christian Churches and Communities, the Council then keeping constantly in view the great events of the original Holy Thursday (of Year 30).

Garabandal, the Mystery of Israel and the Unity of the Church: the best kept secret of Garabandal? We daresubmit, on the basis of clear new data, that the events of the future day of the Miracle might themselves coincide with the very day of the Jewish Passover, more exactly, with the 1st day of the Feast of Passover - Unleavened Bread, just like in Year 30 it had been the case, when Our Lord celebrated it with His Apostles (and Mary) on the original Holy Thursday in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. For, Garabandal being the great Apparition of Mary as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, could not be estranged from the mystery of Israel, itself not separated from the mystery of
the Unity of the Church of Christ, Himself the true and unique Messiah.

And last but not least, the Message(s) given at San Sebastian de Garabandal: needless to insist, the formal mention of the Eucharist, in the 1st Message of 18 October 1961 (visit frequently the Most Holy Sacrament), and still more explicitly in the 2nd Message
of 18 June 1965, had to do with its sacramental realitydimension; but, reading the very word Eucharist (Eucaristia) in its most profound relation with the mystery of the Church and its Unity, how not discern, in the sort of inclusion framed by the two Messages
themselves, the very key apt to help us understand better the radical and prophetic meaning of the future great Thursday (day of the Miracle), be it, as it will be, a Holy Thursday?
By Way of an Open Conclusion

The foregoing might convince readers of the merits of my opinion about a Holy Thursday for the future day of the Miracle, especially if they are looked at as a structured and unified ensemble around the main ones. Only discretion prevents me, however, from saying more here about Conchita’s saint martyr of the Eucharist, which I learned from first class sources, namely
Mrs Carmen Cavestany (August 1963) and Mother Maria Garcia Nieves (7 March 1966). Some last data might nevertheless corroborate those already presented in this article. I summarise the main ones :

a) … a future Thursday: how can one not notice the very sober way the future day of the Miracle was revealed to Conchita: a Thursday, a circumstance she was entitled to communicate, but not those circumstances that she said she knew (day, month and year), but not to be revealed to others, except certain persons, in contrast with some other moments that occurred during the Garabandal events, such as 18 October 1961, Friday, 22 June 1962, and Friday, 29 June 1962, 18 June 1965, 13 November 1965 etc. In other words, the communication to all of a future Thursday for the great events of the day of the Miracle appears to me as a first major clue of its being a quite unique Thursday, furthermore, if we attend to it occurring in the month of April, a Holy Thursday. Still more, how at least not presume that the ensemble of the events of the day of the Miracle, of the following day (a
Friday – the astounding and miraculous recomposition of the body of Padre Luis – a Good Friday?) and of the great Sign to remain at the site of the Pines, will all then occur during the Triduum Pascale?

b) Pope John Paul II in Jerusalem on the day of the Miracle? We must correct what we had said in the Conclusion of our Book I about the Holy Father being in Kiev on the day of the Miracle. So, in harmony with the context of this article, and while we must repeat that Conchita had herself said she did not know where John Paul will be on the day of the Miracle, we humbly submit that he might be again in Jerusalem (as also Pope Paul VI went there in 1974), and not even in Moscow, nor in Rome. Our reasoning being, of course, that the Holy City is spiritually and ecclesiastically the most suited place for the Successor of Peter to preside and celebrate, on a …Holy Thursday the great ecclesial event to come: the perfect Unity of the

c) Again, St Faustina Kowalska, John Paul II: a prophetic new encounter. This is an almost unknown prophetic revelation made by Our Lord to the great apostle of Divine Mercy. Here are its essentials: on Holy Thursday, 23 March 1937, the second day of a novena the Lord had asked her to do in favour of the Work of Divine Mercy, “God has made to me the promise that I will see the solemn celebration of that Feast (of Divine Mercy)” —Little Diary, n.1041. On the very next day, St Faustina was gratified by a vision of the future solemn
celebration in Rome, in a beautiful sanctuary, by the Pope surrounded by numerous members of the Clergy, when suddenly, I saw St Peter talking to the Holy Father, who understood what St Peter told him. (L.D., n.1041-1042).

Such a prophetic vision, needless to say, not only has still to be realised or accomplished, but it will occur on the very day after another novena the Lord has asked St Faustina to do, hence on a future Sunday of Divine Mercy, which novena was to begin on a Good Friday, and thus on a day following immediately a Holy Thursday! (L.D., n.1044ss).

How then not discern here a new and prophetic articulation between Garabandal and Divine Mercy, or vice versa, more, some of the still mysterious unfolding of their respective, yet connected graces and spiritual-ecclesial virtues?

Grace Mizzi
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